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Mystic Seers is a pop/rock, avant-garde musical project fronted by the American producer & multi-instrumentalist Derek White.

"A credibly ambitious stab at neo-psych that oscillates between lysergic dreaminess, full-blooded alt-rock and 60's pop." 

"Mystic Seers is a deeply introspective debut"
- Matt Pinfield 120 Minutes MTV

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White spent over half a decade writing, recording, and meticulously refining the work from various home studios and workspaces in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

An outgrowth of his diverse influences, Mystic Seers sees White's memorable songwriting weaving in and out of a wall of atmospheric psychedelia, with recurring elements of early '70s progressive rock, '60s symphonic pop, and hints of free jazz. Of the ambitious nature of the project, and attention to detail that is so evident throughout, White says:

“I had quite a few of the song ideas written early on, but I really wanted to make an ‘album album.’ I was determined to get it right and make it cohesive from start to finish, and get it into a form where I personally loved the whole thing and felt like it was something I would be able to stand by forever. That ended up being a hell of a lot more work than I anticipated, but I finally got there, and I'm glad I stayed true to that."

The full-length self-titled debut album will be released on a double LP mid May 2021 on Ring Records. The upcoming album has been recorded & produced by Derek White and co-produced by Adam Fischman, and mastered by Brian Zieske of Off-Axis Mastering & Bob Weston (Nirvana-In Utero) @ Chicago Mastering Service.

Derek White talks with Bob Studebaker about the Mystic Seers album on 90.5 WESA.

starts 15:07-22:03 

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Mastering handled by Brian Zieske at Off Axis Mastering & 
Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. Pressings will be handled by the top-notch Quality Record Pressings in Kansas. 🎛

The début album is complete!

To get a glimpse of the album be sure to preview all 15 songs here: Sample "Mystic Seers" debut LP tracks

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 "I was pretty methodical about how I approached recording. I would step away when I'd have doubts, if I felt bad vibes, tired or uninspired. I wanted a balance of structure and improvisation. It's a personal redemption album, I have had a lot of trying times much like anyone else would. I was dealing with depression for a while and felt the need to clear out my soul through musical expression. Working on this record really helped me turn my poison into magic." -White

 "I had about 2 albums worth of material so I began demoing and I'd spend countless hours driving around critiquing the songs & mixes the past 6-7 years. It's quite the album to drive to cranked up loud, as I would generally do the mix test in the car. I was also mindful of it's analog warmth and balance in headphones. I played the majority of the instruments on this album, I've had some supplemental help from some very talented friends, & a couple of session musicians. I've engineered the entire album at my various "Monophobic Studios" spots, including the legendary Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. (which I've managed to sneak in a quick cellphone piano recording on the piano "Paul Simon's Kodachrome" & "Bob Seger's Old Time Rock n' Roll" were played on.) One of the great aspects of the modern age is the advantage of having a phone to record all the interesting field sounds, whether it's the wind blowing, birds chirping, church bells, or hitting rocks with hammers. It's great fun to incorporate the sounds of life and movement into the music."

(pictured above at Ringing Rocks Park, Bucks County, Pennsylvania) - percussion featured in "Devil Woman."

The Mystic Seers album was recorded & mixed by Derek White. The Analog mastering work was handled by the great Brian Zieske of Off Axis Mastering. The album was co-produced by Adam Fischman, a great friend of Derek and tough critic who has really been a catalyst in terms of fine-tuning the structure overall flow of the album.

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Watch Video for "Devil Woman" (from the forthcoming Mystic Seers LP)

Thanks to Birp! FM for including "Devil Woman" on the June 2020 Spotify Playlist!  add "Devil Woman" to your playlists.

“Devil Woman” featured Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of June 2020’ Spotify playlist.

 Emerging Indie Rock.

DAILY FRESH FINDS Psychedelic Rock/Neo Psychedelia Playlist

"Tired of Staying Home"  add "Tired of Staying Home" 

"I've been playing this finger-picking "McCartney-esque" tune for years. During the (Covid-19 lockdown) I was furloughed from my job, money wasn't coming in.. I had a mortgage to pay, bills weren't stopping, and my wife was pregnant with our first child. I was certainly becoming a bit distraught, so writing a song about it felt necessary. The city was bare, the skies were grey, it felt dystopian. Everyone was living in paranoia and keeping their distance. I feel like this song sums up vibes of the time."

Official Video for "Tired of Staying Home":

Words & music by Derek White © 2020 MONOPHOBIC MUSIC BMI 

Thanks to Nik Westman for including "Tired of Staying Home" to this (Corona Tapes Mix!)

Thanks to Joey Spehar from WYEP of adding "Tired of Staying Home" to the PGH Music Summer 2020 Playlist!

 "Don't They Know (it's the End of the World)"  

Pittsburgh City Paper &

“Don't They Know (it's the end of the world)”
Mystic Seers
 "Don't They Know (it's the End of the World)                

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Pittsburgh Plays Sir. Paul McCartney28 Dec 2018Mr. Smalls 400 Lincoln Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15209 USA
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Mystic Seers - 2017 Deutschtown Music Festival15 Jul 2017ALLEGHENY ELKS LODGE #339 – 400 Cedar Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
SIDE EYE La Vague ALBUM RELEASE PARTY With Talkers & Mystic Seers28 Apr 2017BELVEDERE'S Ultra-dive 4016 Butler St, Lawrenceville, PA
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Mystic Seers is the musical project of American producer & multi-instrumentalist Derek White. The long-awaited debut album will be released nationally on digital streaming services early 2021.

Recent Reviews:

The first single from Mystic Seers‘ upcoming full-length, “Devil Woman” is a thorough success. The project of producer and multi-instrumentalist Derek White, Mystic Seers has spent the past six years crafting the album in Pittsburgh. White handles all the writing, recording, performing, and mixing, stylistically drawing influence from ’70s prog-rock, ’60s psychedelia, and some free-jazz. -Mike Mineo - Obscure Sound “Devil Woman” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best songs of 2020’ Spotify playlist. The track is also featured in the genre-based, best-of Spotify compilation 'Emerging Indie Rock.' - Josh Blalock - Birp! FM also included "Devil Woman" on the Best of June 2020 Spotify Playlist! "White describes the track as “about seeking love with disingenuous intentions, and getting what you deserve in return on a karmic level. Creating your own hell from making the same mistakes over and over.” Acoustical shimmers quickly expand into twangy rock expansion, with the hypnotic vocals joining alongside the initial breeziness. Added guitars at 01:22 exude a bouncy fervor, with a delectable solo at 02:32 also standing out. The track touts an abundance of catchy, memorable melodies — with the lush piano-led restraint around 02:53 being another one.